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Funding for Wordcraft: Four Big Questions

Why should you support Wordcraft Circle?

In this time of pandemic, many creatives and creative organizations are struggling to survive. Those organizations that have some resources have been able to help where they can and Wordcraft is no different. We recently launched our Native Creatives Relief Fund to help those Native folks in need.

But we still need your help!

Please take the time to support Wordcraft Circle HERE.

Why is it important to support Wordcraft?

Now, more than ever, Native and Indigenous voices and stories must be heard. Not just from the current crisis but from the whole history of our sovereign communities. When we see what is happening in Navajo Nation and some of the communities hardest hit by the virus, we recognize that our stories are critical to maintaining our traditions as well as passing critical knowledge to the subsequent generations. Just as important is to celebrate those sovereign communities who have been able to avoid the worst of the virus and pass on those stories of capacity and strategy to make our next generations of Native people stronger and more resilient.

And it’s not just supporting our sovereign communities. Rather, we are looking to support those areas that will be hardest hit: the writers, the creative entrepreneurs, the artisans, our grandmas and grandpas who work diligently to communicate their culture and traditions through words, stories, and tangible creations. Wordcraft has been dedicated to this work for almost thirty years and we will continue to support those works and words (and grandmas and grandpas) any way we are able.

Where does my support for Wordcraft go?

When you donate to Wordcraft you are supporting our Projects and Programs, our Honors and Awards, our Youth and Emerging Writers, and much, much more. Your support helps us with our administrative costs (staffing, benefits, office space, etc.) so we are able to meet our mission and vision.

Most importantly, your support helps us directly support Native writers, storytellers and creatives. From our direct relief to our writing subsidies to our scholarships, Wordcraft has worked to commit funding through this time of crisis (and beyond) to help support the incredible work of our brilliant community. Further, funds for Wordcraft help us in developing our events, our digital media, and or membership capacity in future years.

Who benefits from my support for Wordcraft?

Everyone. It’s a pat answer to be sure, but the world is a better, more intelligent, more compassionate place due to the writing of Native and Indigenous peoples. Not simply the cultural works, the ones that focus on our people and places, but also the more avant garde work that draws out the intellectual, the futuristic, the mysterious, and romantic. Not only do generations of writers benefit but our Native and Indigenous peoples and communities benefit from the changing perceptions of Indigeneity and representation.

How can I support Wordcraft?

You can donate. You can volunteer. You can gift. You can become a member. You can sponsor. That’s it. Each of these options will help us immensely in promoting our vision and mission.

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