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Conversations Indiginaire

Bringing together Native and Indigenous creatives to have enlightening and exciting conversations about creativity and the Indigenous imagination.

Back in January 2020, we launched our first in our new series of critical engagements called Conversations Indiginaire. Our first guests for the new series were Dr. Brian Hudson (Cherokee) and Shayai Lucero (Laguna). Brian is a cyberpunk fiction writer and Indigenous Futurist; Shayai is a florist and local entrepreneur. Over the course of an hour, our guests had a lively discussion on Indigenous creativity and the confluences of culture, intellect, and imagination.

The initial idea for the series was and continues to be: to bring together Native people from different professions to discuss their work, careers, and the intersections of creativity and Indigeneity. However, before we could continue the pandemic shut down the shop.

But never fear! We will be relaunching the series later this month with two new guests.

We will be webcasting for folks (since we can’t be out and about yet) and will archive the work on our YouTube Channel. We look forward to bringing more incredible guests to have insightful and delightful conversations. Be on the lookout for the finest conversations you can imagine

If you are interested in being a guest or have a suggestion for a guest, please contact us at:

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