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Since the founding of Wordcraft Circle, supporting and developing Native and Indigenous youth has been a primary goal of our programming. We will continue that work into our thirtieth year.



For the past several years, Wordcraft has been researching and focusing efforts on closing the literacy gap among Native American youth.  Our idea has been to establish a new model of literacy that focuses on synthesizing Indigenous and Western knowledge and leads to stronger student accomplishments in reading, writing, and communicating.  Rather than punishing students who have trouble with reading and writing, we are looking to draw upon our traditional values in order to draw upon the strengths of Native knowledge and Native communities in addressing these significant issues for Native students.

To this end, the Native Youth Literacy Project will look to develop a new system of literacy with a new approach to assessing individual capacity and competence, one that draws upon traditional Indigenous values and contextual relations in order to promote reading and writing, while at the same time, strengthening traditional systems of knowledge transference and honoring different concepts of literacy, including in the areas of language retention and communication.

We hope to complete the first phase of this work by the end of 2020 and will continue to post updates here.  If you have interest in discussing this work, please contact: 

for more information.




The WC Reads/WC Writes Program is Wordcraft’s efforts to get free comic books into the hands of Native students and support their efforts in creating more pop culture media. We are seeking donations for these books from amazing sponsors like you.

For $5, you can purchase one comic book for a student.  When we reach a count of 25 donations, we will send those books to one class of Native students.You can see our comic book offerings at RED PLANET BOOKS AND COMICS.

Teachers and schools can click on the button to sign up as a WC Reads distribution site.  Books are on a first come, first serve basis and as requests come in, we will work down the list of locations registered.  When we receive new comics, we will contact the sites if they wish to remain  on the list for distribution.

Support Native students, buy a comic for a kid today!




In 2018, Dr. Lee Francis 4 conducted a web-comic workshop at the University of Arizona for a group of dedicated Native language teachers. The results were fantastic creations and Wordcraft felt it was a great opportunity to help more Native creatives develop web comics for themselves.

Coming summer of 2020, we will be conducting a series of web-comic workshops that will help participants learn how to design, write, illustrate, upload and promote their very own web-comic. 

The course is $30 for five workshops and space is limited. If you would like to be notified when registration opened, please use link below.




One of the most important traditions and project aspects of Wordcraft Circle has been our youth mentorship. Through this project, Native youth have the opportunity to develop their craft, build their networks, and interact with Native professionals who can provide direction and guidance for those aspiring Native creatives. 

If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please use the link below and we will be in contact with you about partnering with a Native youth.