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There are a number of ways to support the efforts of Wordcraft and we are always grateful for everything that our sponsors, supporters, and donors have gifted.



For almost thirty years, Wordcraft has been the preeminent organization for Native and Indigenous writers, storytellers, and creatives and, as such, we have numerous and incredible opportunities for corporate sponsors to both create a positive impact for the work, for Native youth and for Native and Indigenous communities. Further, we provide numerous outlets for brand recognition and engagement. From our events to our projects, your sponsorship will help to connect and communicate with thousands of Native and Indigenous communities throughout the world.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact: for a Sponsorship Prospectus and more information.



Looking for a way to support our work? Have a wonderful writer in your family or community who could benefit from a membership? Want to give back to a wonderful Native youth in your life? Take the time and give a membership!

Our membership gifts are a discount Regular Membership at only $40(US). The membership is good for one full year and can be renewed.  Gift memberships come with all the benefits of a full membership which you can learn more about HERE.

Gift a membership today and help support the work and words of Native writers, storytellers

and creatives!



Donors and members are the life blood of Wordcraft Circle.  Without your support we are not able to offer as many exciting and dynamic programs for our Native youth and Indigenous communities. Only 

through your generosity and kindness can we continue to meet our mission and the vision of our Founder, Dr. Lee Francis III.

Please consider becoming a Wordcraft Donor! Click the link below and make a contribution to help support the work and words of Native writers, storytellers and creatives and ensure our stories are heard throughout the world!

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