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We love to host a number of events which support Native writers, storytellers and creatives. From comic-cons to honors and awards, Wordcraft continues the story.



An unprecedented gathering of more than 300 Native writers was held in Norman, Oklahoma, in 1992. The Returning the Gift Festival brought more Native writers together in one place than at any other time in history. "Returning the Gift," observes co-organizer Joseph Bruchac, "both demonstrated and validated our literature and our devotion to it, not just to the public, but to ourselves." In compiling this volume, Bruchac invited every writer who attended the festival to submit new, unpublished work; he then selected the best of the more than 200 submissions to create a collection that includes established writers like Duane Niatum, Simon Ortiz, Lance Henson, Elizabeth Woody, Linda Hogan, and Jeanette Armstrong, and also introduces such lesser-known or new voices as Tracy Bonneau, Jeanetta Calhoun, Kim Blaeser, and Chris Fleet.

Over the years a number of incredible partners and institutions have played host to RTG and Wordcraft is thrilled to announce that RTG will be returning to Albuquerque in 2021.  The last time the event was held here was in the winter of 2015 and it will be another great event.  Be on the lookout for more announcements for the triumphant return.




The Indigenous Comic Con was founded in 2016 as a way to showcase the talents of Native and Indigenous Creatives working in various pop culture fields, including comics and film and television. Over the past several years, the event has grown to include a wider array of creatives from the worlds of wrestling, food, and futurisms. You can learn more about the Indigenous Comic Con through the link below, including our upcoming events and

future plans.






Born from the work of Dr. Grace Dillon and the Indigenous Comic Con, the Indigenous Futurisms Days are a celebration of all thing Indigenous Future. The first event was planned for March of 2020. We hosted an online digital celebration and are looking forward to a new date and a new location. Stay tuned for more details.

For more than twenty years, Wordcraft Circle has given out awards for Native and Indigenous creatives, writers and most importantly literature.  After a three year hiatus, the awards will be making their return

this Fall.

Nominations will open June 1st and run through

June 31st.


The review process will go through the end of July and awardees will be announced at the beginning of August 2020.

If you have questions, please contact

More information will be posted on our social media page or our News and Updates.

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