Join Dr. Lee Francis IV, CEO and Managing Editor of Native Realities Publishing for a fun- lled two weeks learning how to design and create comic books!

Dr. Francis has a Ph.D. in Education and has spent more than 15 years instructing youth of all ages in writing and creative expression. He is the creator and writer of Pueblo Jones and the upcoming Sixkiller graphic novel. Over the course of the two weeks, students will learn about comic book design and have the chance to create their own comic books. Classes will he held each day from 9am - 2pm and students will receive lunch and snacks as part of the camp. Tuition is required for each week, however there are a number of scholarships available for students.

For more details, call: 505-948-4517 or email:


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Attendance tuition for the workshops is $85 per week or $150 for both weeks.