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Got writer’s block? 14 writers share how they fight the blank screen

I asked for advice from some very good writers whose work appears in print, broadcast and online...


The Key Element To Success Many Writers Avoid: Self-Promotion

We all know that success as a writer depends on: 1) writing something worth reading and 2) getting published...


An Update on the Significance of Poetry

Critics have been having the by-this-point perfunctory debate on the value and relevance of poetry to the general American public...

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Tribeca Hacks

Alright all you media and programming type Natives, here’s the chance to create something really unique with your work.  Tribeca Hacks are looking for filmmakers and technologists to make interactive stories around numerous issues in Indian Country.  More info below and you can follow this link to apply, the application is due: October 29th! Go tell […]


Indigenous People’s Day 2014

For hundreds of years we have survived by keeping our cultures strong and telling our stories loud and proud!  Today, in honor of Indigenous People’s Day, we would like to hear your words.  Leave your comments below and have a wonderful day!


Introducing Our New Intern!

Wordcraft is pleased to introduce our brand new intern: Angela Helmig! Angela comes to us from Oklahoma Central University where she is studying creative writing. She has a diverse background that spans barbering, holistic medicine, Reiki, and massotherapy. She is also a documentarian and an award-winning photographer, whose work was most recently featured at the […]


Hey! What’s Been Going On!

  Some of you may be wondering what happened to Wordcraft for the past Spring.  Well, the cat’s out of the bag: we’ve moved!  That’s right, we have left the great state of Texas and returned to our homeland: New Mexico.  It’s been a whirlwind for several months as our National Director has also been […]